Visa Infringers are Granted Amnesty by Kuwait Before 2020.

Ministerial Resolution No. 26/2024, which was just released by the Ministry of Interior, attempts to give foreign nationals who broke residency laws before to 2020 a way to get their status corrected by paying fines. Following the revocation of Resolution No. 288/2020, which ordered the deportation of foreign nationals without a valid residency permit, came this directive.

The following are the main points of the decision as outlined in the official document:

The decision was made based on the Undersecretary’s proposal for assignment after Decree-Law No. 38/1980, which addressed the adoption of the Civil and Commercial Procedures Law, was examined and Ministerial Resolution No. 288/2020, which outlined procedures for deporting foreign nationals without valid residency permits or with expired visas, was reevaluated.

The aforementioned Resolution No. 288/2020 is hereby canceled, according to Article One of the resolution.
The acting Undersecretary is required by Article Two to carry out and uphold this ruling.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Interior has the authority to fine violators up to 600 dinars.

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