31 Foreigners Caught in Kuwait’s Drug War with 14 kg of Narcotics and an Unauthorized Firearm

31 foreign nationals have been apprehended concerning 18 instances involving an estimated 14 kilograms of different substances, 42,000 psychotropic tablets, and an unregistered rifle and ammunition as part of a recent operation called “war on drugs.

Targeting people of different nationalities, the General Department of Narcotics Control effectively carried out these arrests as part of its ongoing efforts to uphold the law and improve security measures. The seized products included narcotics such as Shabu, Hashish, Chemical, Marijuana, and Heroin, coupled with a considerable quantity of psychiatric medications. In addition, the proceeds of drug sales and an unlicensed firearm were seized.

Upon questioning, the people acknowledged that they were the owners of the objects that were seized for abuse and trafficking. Following this, the authorities have received the suspects and the seized things and will take the appropriate legal action against them.


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