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Civil Service Bureau Unveils Flexible Hours and Implements a New Work Schedule

The Civil Service Bureau’s Head, Dr. Issam Saad Al-Rubaian, has released Internal Circular No. 13 of 2023, which introduces a system of flexible working hours. The following is a summary of the circular’s main provisions:

1. Official Business Hours:
On ordinary business days, the official working hours will be seven hours.
Workers may begin work any time between seven and nine in the morning.
Taking into account the employee’s arrival time, they have to work seven working hours, respecting the legally required breaks.
2. The Grace Period:
After nine in the morning, there’s a 30-minute grace period.
If workers arrive on time and do not take advantage of the grace period, they are entitled to leave thirty minutes prior to the designated departure time.
Female workers receive.
3. Late Arrival Calculation: Following the last attendance time, the number of minutes of late arrival at the start of the workday is determined.
Consideration is given to the grace period for beginning work after nine thirty in the morning.
4. Hours of Call-In:
Hours for reporting in for work are determined by taking the employee’s preferred time slot, which often falls between seven and nine in the morning.
5. Exceptions:
Employees covered by the partial absence without pay system or those subject to restricted working hours for legally mandated reasons are exempt from the requirements in sections one and two.
In order to choose the best work schedule from the options offered, impacted workers must speak with the Administrative Affairs Department.
6. Effective Date:
On December 3, 2023, the circular will go into force. The terms of External Court Resolution No. 3 of 2023 and Civil Service Council Resolution No. 41 of 2006 are still in effect.
The purpose of this circular is to provide employees options while guaranteeing compliance with organizational and regulatory standards by implementing flexibility in working hours.


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