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66 Incidents of Cable Thefts in Three Years

Sources from the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy revealed that there were 66 cases of electrical cable theft in the northern region over the past three years, as reported by Al-Jarida daily. However, a recent incident involving the arrest of Asians for cable theft did not involve cables belonging to the ministry. The ministry clarified that they do not possess cables prone to theft and has implemented measures to combat such thefts, resulting in a decrease in occurrences in recent years.

These measures include regular patrols by emergency teams along roads with ministry-affiliated lines to minimize vulnerability. Collaboration with the Ministry of Interior has effectively curtailed thefts of electrical lines on wooden poles. Continuous coordination with specialized teams ensures ongoing surveillance and security of these lines. While some thefts occurred in remote areas near border farms, swift action was taken to address them.

The ministry appreciates the vigilance of monitoring teams and citizens in reporting isolated incidents. Recognizing the significant impact of cable theft on the electrical network and service distribution, the ministry is committed to tackling the issue decisively. Solutions involve raising awareness about the consequences, tightening control measures, and enforcing penalties. The Electricity Company has already taken action by referring cable thieves to the Public Prosecution for legal proceedings.

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