68 under investigation for illegal charity and fundraising

The Ministry of Social Affairs has taken decisive action against violations of donation laws during Ramadan, referring 68 cases to the Attorney General for necessary legal measures. Among these violations are instances of unauthorized fundraising through social media advertisements, breaching regulations stipulated by Law No. 59 of 1959 governing fundraising licenses and charitable activities, as reported by Al-Jarida daily. In its latest report, the Ministry disclosed that its field inspection teams conducted 171 visits to mosques and 13 visits to main association headquarters in the final week of Ramadan, aiming to assess compliance with donation collection regulations within religious institutions. Notably, 14 kiosks collecting clothes illegally were identified, with 12 subsequently removed. Since the beginning of Ramadan, a total of 248 such kiosks have been monitored, with 122 removed. The Ministry further detailed four new violations involving individuals and entities soliciting funds via social media without authorization, prompting referral to the Public Prosecutor. This brings the total number of cases referred during Ramadan to 68, underscoring the seriousness of the issue. Additionally, three restaurants were found soliciting donations for iftar meals, leading to intervention by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The Ministry of Interior was also alerted to individuals and entities advertising donation collections on the streets, ensuring appropriate action is taken. Nineteen instances of non-compliance with donation collection regulations within mosques were identified, with the Ministry of Endowments notified for corrective action. Moreover, ten unauthorized advertisements by charities and foundations were detected, prompting their removal upon contact. The Ministry’s efforts extended to monitoring donations solicited through various social media platforms, with relevant authorities notified for necessary action. Looking ahead, the Department of Charities and Foundations within the Ministry is engaging with the boards of charitable societies participating in Ramadan donation drives. Detailed financial reports outlining donation proceeds, expenditures, and project implementations are being requested, in compliance with Ministerial Resolution 128/A of 2016 and its amendments. Charitable entities are mandated to submit financial reports and bank statements within two weeks of the expiration of their collection licenses, ensuring transparency and accountability in fundraising activities.

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