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Kuwait ranks among the top consumers of incense and oud oil worldwide

Kit Phuang, the Secretary-General of the Vietnamese Incense Association, stated that Kuwait is a prominent consumer of incense and oud oil worldwide, as reported by Al-Jarida daily. He highlighted Kuwaitis’ preference for high-quality agarwood, prompting him to visit Kuwait multiple times to promote Vietnamese products. Phuang noted that while Kuwaitis often import incense and oud oil from countries like the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Cambodia due to lower prices, Vietnamese oud is renowned for its superior quality and fragrance. Vietnamese oud is exported not only to the Middle East but also to countries like China and Japan. Phuang explained that oud prices range from $100 to $1 million per kilogram, with the highest-priced oud purchased by the Chinese for medicinal purposes and decoration rather than burning. He attributed the price variation to the age of the agarwood tree, highlighting that older trees, around 100 years old, produce the most expensive and rare incense. Despite the rarity of high-quality oud, Phuang commended Kuwaitis for their expertise in incense and oud oil, emphasizing their prioritization of quality over price and extensive experience in daily usage. He described dealing with Kuwaitis as a unique and enjoyable experience due to their professionalism and willingness to share their knowledge. Additionally, Phuang mentioned that after 10 years, an agarwood tree reaches between 8 and 14 meters in height. The Phuang family owns the agarwood tree forest spanning about 3 million square meters, employing around 100 farmers. The Vietnamese Incense Association comprises approximately 250 members, with a board of directors consisting of 20 people.

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