Hon. Mr Lafi Al-Subaiee, the assistant undersecretary of the press and publication at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information

A Kuwaiti Official Calls for a Professional Evaluation of Material in Electronic Media

Recently, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information’s assistant undersecretary of the press and publication, Lafi Al-Subaiee, stressed the value of professionally assessing electronic media content, especially in light of the spread of bogus news and untrustworthy sources.

Al-Subaiee emphasized that in order to guarantee that information adheres to set norms and standards, specialists must carefully review it. After presiding over a ministry delegation at the Arab electronic media committee conference in Jordan, he spoke with KUNA about the importance of maintaining objectivity and professional integrity in media work.

Al-Subaiee said, “The issue warrants commitment to non-deviation from the professional media work where there should be no room for subjectivity,” highlighting the necessity of maintaining credibility through a smooth transition between traditional and electronic media platforms.

Al-Subaiee and his counterparts discussed the dangers of violent video games and the role that content creators can play in countering extremist discourse during the discussion. The talks emphasized how important it is to work together to address new issues and protect the integrity of media in the digital era.

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