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Kuwait is Likely to See Light to Moderate Rain

According to a forecast released by the Kuwait Meteorological Department, light to moderate rains will begin to fall over the nation this afternoon, Saturday, and growing instability is predicted to continue throughout the evening of Sunday. The Department’s Director, Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, provided Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) with information on Friday regarding the predicted weather patterns.

Current numerical model and weather map forecasts, according to Al-Qarawi, indicate that Kuwait would be affected by the extension of a shallow depression that coincides with a deep and cold depression in the upper atmosphere. It is anticipated that this meteorological phenomenon will start tomorrow afternoon and bring with it a profusion of low and medium clouds dotted with cumulonimbus clouds, which will provide light to moderate precipitation.

In addition, Al-Qarawi issued a warning, stating that the unstable conditions are expected to start on Sunday night and that rain and thunderstorms of different intensities—from medium to heavy—will probably accompany the downpour. Hail is another possibility in some regions, and there are also strong southeasterly gusts that might reach 60 km/h, which could cause dust storms and decrease vision in the horizontal plane. In some coastal areas, sea waves are also expected to reach heights of more than seven feet.

Al-Qarawi stated that as an air high moves forward, a gradual improvement is anticipated to start by Monday at midday, with clouds clearing and the likelihood of rain decreasing. Still, there’s a chance fog will build up at night, which could make some regions less visible horizontally.

During this period of predicted bad weather and changing conditions, residents are recommended to be informed about weather advisories and take appropriate precautions.

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