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Accident exposes intoxicated driver and liquor bottles

An accident involving a overturned vehicle in Jahra revealed the driver was allegedly intoxicated. Three bottles of alcohol were found at the scene, according to Al-Anba daily. The driver, who was illegally residing in the country, was arrested for impaired driving, causing an accident, and damaging public property. Authorities received a report of a car accident on Al-Jahra Road toward Al-Mutlaa near the Palace area around 9:40 pm. Upon arrival, police found an overturned Japanese car driven by a man born in 1986 lying on the ground. The car had collided with a fence, and the driver, showing signs of intoxication, refused medical treatment.

Additionally, there were signs of a fire in the vehicle. In another incident in Jahra, police detained a young man and referred him to the General Administration for Drug Control after finding suspected intoxicants in his possession. The arrest occurred after police became suspicious of a vehicle parked in a dirt yard. Inside the car, they discovered a 1.5-liter bottle, a 0.5-liter bottle, and a bottle of cologne, all containing intoxicating substances.

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