Court not Guilty

An Appeals Court Reversed the Verdict, Clearing a MOH Employee of Forgery Charges

Al-Seyassah daily says that the Court of Appeals reversed the lower court’s decision to sentence a Ministry of Health employee to five years in jail and decided not to prosecute him. Attorney Zaid Al-Khabbaz, who was representing the prisoner in the courtroom, emphasized that there was no proof in the paperwork that his client had faked the doctor’s seal or falsified permissions for treatment abroad.

Furthermore, the forensic evidence report demonstrated that the handwriting of his client differed from that on the transactions. Furthermore, there is no evidence that his client benefited or received any interest from the falsified paperwork. His insistence that there was no interest or benefit suggests that his client was the one who committed the alleged fraud. Al-Khabbaz asked the judge to set aside his client’s prison term.

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