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As Kuwait Airport Prepares for National Holidays, Ticket Prices Soar

The Kuwait International Airport’s agencies are putting a lot of effort into ensuring smooth operations and can handle the projected increase in passenger traffic during the approaching national holidays.

Airport sources state that from this month’s 22nd to the 27th, departures are anticipated to surpass 130,000 passengers, with the most popular destinations being Dubai, Istanbul, Jeddah, Cairo, and Doha.

But as electronic reservation systems and travel agencies have shown, there is a growing demand for travel tickets, which has resulted in a sharp increase in costs—up to 100% for some places.

Experts in tourism believe that this increase in ticket costs is the result of normal supply and demand dynamics that have been made worse by the impending vacations. According to Kamal Kabsha, the desire for travel has been rising yearly due to improved worldwide conditions, especially before Ramadan. As a result, airfares to popular locations like Cairo and Jeddah have increased by more than 100%.

Salhia World Tourism and Travel Company’s general manager, Ayman Zandah, noted that there was a high demand for far-off places like London, Rome, and Paris, and that some tourists even chose to extend their trips. Due to the short holiday, neighboring locations like Dubai and Jeddah continue to be well-liked.

In cooperation with operating agencies, airport authorities have developed a comprehensive plan to efficiently handle the expected surge in passenger traffic. This entails constant observation, the assignment of teams to work around the clock, and guaranteeing operational preparedness to reduce traffic and promote seamless travel experiences for patrons.

Aside from well-liked local locations like Dubai and Cairo, far-off places like London, Rome, and Paris also see a lot of travel demand during this time of year.

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