Burglars target a police station and damage a telecom tower

Burglars target a police station and damage a telecom tower.According to a daily report by Al-Anba, the Deputy Public Prosecutor has directed the Criminal Evidences Department to send technicians to a communications tower in Al-Salmi in order to remove any evidence left by unidentified thieves. After “theft and vandalism” at the Taima police station, the Deputy Public Prosecutor for Criminal Security Affairs has filed a case under the category of “felony.” The accused persons in charge of causing damage to the company’s communications tower are being apprehended under the supervision of the prosecution. The company has determined that the stolen goods are worth 3,500 dinars, not counting the thousands more in damage that the criminals inside the tower caused.

A security source said that a telecommunications company’s lawyer reported that thieves had targeted a tower owned by Salmi, Kilo 26, which is owned by the company. The thieves entered the tower by breaking the lock, forcing open the transformer door, and took a number of items worth 3,500 dinars, including two electrical switches, a solar panel, a 5G router for signal transmission, a static chip, four copper ground cables, copper clips, spare parts, and cables for the tower’s cameras.

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