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Rules for the debt repayment initiative

Rules for the debt repayment initiativeAccording to Al-Anba daily, the committee in charge of debtor support, which is chaired by Abdulaziz Sari, the acting undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs, has established rules and requirements for including citizens in the debt payment campaign that was started during the last month of Ramadan. This information was received by the Al-Jarida daily. Following a legal opinion from the Ministry of Awqaf stating that their inclusion was not permissible, as their debts were considered a form of “luxury” unlike other debts, a crucial decision was made to exclude debtors from telecommunications companies from the campaign. As a result, they faced enforceable civil court rulings that resulted in actions like travel bans, vehicle seizures, and salary withholdings.

One of the committee’s goals, according to people inside, is to disqualify debtors who received debt relief from the campaign the previous year. The objective of this decision is to maintain the equal opportunity principle and guarantee increased public involvement in the campaign. The recipients of these benefits were people who received sentences in 2022. Furthermore, it has been determined that the only debts that qualify for partial disbursement will be those that fall below a specific threshold, which is expected to be between 5,000 and 7,000 dinars depending on the total number of debtors registered with the Ministry of Justice. The sources reaffirmed that applicants will not be required to visit any government office, including the Ministry of Affairs, or submit any paperwork in order to begin the process of paying off debtors’ debts. The names of beneficiaries will automatically be added to the list kept up to date by the Ministry of Justice’s General Administration of Implementation.

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