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CITRA Introduces “Aman,” a New Service, to Fight e-Fraud via “Sahel”

Youssef Kazim, the official spokesman for the unified government application for electronic services, known as “Sahel,” announced that the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) is planning to launch a new service named “Aman” with the goal of thwarting electronic fraud and phishing attempts.

CITRA is preparing to launch the “Aman” service in accordance with the Council of Ministers’ directions, in collaboration with Daoud Suleiman Marafi, the Minister of State for Communications Affairs, Youth Affairs, and National Assembly Affairs. Through the “Sahel” application, residents and citizens can report fraud and electronic phishing occurrences directly to the initiative, which is intended to monitor such incidents.

Kazim clarified that users will be able to access the “Aman” service via the “Services” part of the CITRA found in the “Sahel” application. Its main goal is to enable users to report any electronic phishing efforts they come across, regardless of whether they take the kind of phony calls, emails, or misleading visuals. Additionally, the service will keep an eye out for other kinds of electronic fraud that consumers may come across via voice calls, text messages, websites, electronic platforms, or any other dubious ways.

Users of the “Sahel” application will need to register important data and upload appropriate attachments or information verifying cases of fraud or electronic phishing in order to access the “Aman” service. With the use of this information, CITRA will be able to work with the appropriate authorities to take the required steps to effectively combat these fraudulent operations.

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