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The Civil Service Makes the Process for Monetary Allowances for Leave Balances Clear. Distribute

The process for paying out cash allowances for the remaining balance of periodic absences taken while employed has been made clearer by the Civil Service Commission, which emphasizes that filing an application is not the only requirement. Al-Jarida was able to get an official letter from the Commission that was addressed to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health. The letter detailed the process by Civil Service Council Resolution No. 2 of 2022, which was later changed by Resolution No. 32 of 2023.

According to the letter, the Undersecretary of the Ministry or the leader of the autonomous body will decide whether to distribute the monetary allowance in accordance with the guidelines, restrictions, and oversight specified in the resolution. It made clear that although applying is a first step, the final say-so rests in the ruling made by the appropriate body.

The letter also included the management of non-Kuwaiti employees’ accumulated periodic leave balances that surpass the legally mandated threshold. It stated that the remaining periodic leave balance would be reimbursed and applied in accordance with Civil Service Council Decision No. 102 of 2021, which freezes the remaining periodic leave balance for the years 2020 and 2021, if the allowance is not dispensed.

The Commission placed particular emphasis on the computation procedure and the use of periodic leave provisions, which includes integrating data into civil service systems. It emphasized how crucial it is to follow the pertinent decisions in the disbursement procedures, saying that following the set standards alone will not be sufficient.

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