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Commerce Ensures Price Stability Before Ramadan Share

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s technical staff management of the Advisory Committee for Supervising Commodities and setting their prices has obtained commitments from date shops and mills to uphold the prices of eleven essential food commodities both during and after Ramadan. Pledges to maintain the prices of dates, coffee, cardamom, and saffron were collected from employees of date stores and mills during an inspection tour by the price monitoring team for the month of Ramadan in the Shuwaikh area. The objective of this program is to guarantee affordability and price stability for customers throughout the forthcoming holy month.

The Administrative Resolution No. (108) of 2024 formed the monitoring team, whose job it is to supervise and control the prices of food commodities in central markets, cooperative societies, and other food outlets. During the team’s two-month work term, which runs from January 29 to March 29, they will tour different establishments to conduct inspections in order to enforce price restrictions and stop unwarranted price increases. The Minister of Commerce Abdullah Al-Joaan and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce have directed these efforts, according to Faisal Al-Ansari, Director of the Technical Staff Department of the Advisory Committee for Supervising Commodities and Determining Their Prices at the Ministry of Commerce.

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