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Consumers are Alarmed by the Pre-Ramadan Price Surge

As Ramadan draws near, many families in Kuwait are worried about possible price increases and shortages of essential goods. These concerns stem from tensions in the region, supply chain issues, and the threat of conflict, all of which could affect prices and availability. Some people have already seen big price hikes for items like oil, sugar, and food, with some things costing up to 50% more. This has upset citizens who think the government isn’t doing enough to control prices.

People are asking the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to step in and stop prices from going up unfairly. They’re disappointed that promises to punish price manipulators haven’t been kept and want stricter rules for markets. It’s not just food that’s getting more expensive; household items like cleaning products are also going up in price. With Ramadan coming soon and demand increasing, it’s becoming harder for people to afford what they need.

Officials say they’re checking businesses regularly and taking action when they get complaints. But people aren’t sure if this is enough and want stronger measures against price hikes. Some experts say the government should do more to stabilize food prices by boosting local farming and looking for ways to grow food abroad.

They say it’s important to have long-term plans for agriculture to make sure there’s enough food for everyone. Consumer groups say help is coming, like plans to bring in lots of onions to ease the current situation. They’re urging people to report price increases and say authorities are working to keep prices fair. The rising prices before Ramadan show why it’s important for the government to act and protect consumers so everyone can afford the basics they need.

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