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Arab Expat Lives a Life Filled with Love for Cats and Dogs

Khaled Al-Desouki, an Arab expatriate, has spent twenty years caring for animals, especially cats and dogs. Even though he doesn’t have kids, he treats his furry friends like family, calling them his “animal children.” He lives in a small apartment where he takes care of over 20 cats, making sure they have food, water, and medical help when they need it. He loves cats a lot, but he’s especially fond of dogs. Every day, before he goes to work, he looks after a group of dogs in the Jahra Industrial Area, making sure they’re fed and looked after.

Even though taking care of so many animals is tough on his wallet, Khaled stays committed because he believes it brings him blessings and keeps him healthy. He does everything he can to make sure his animals are happy and healthy, from giving them a place to stay to helping them get medical care, like making sure female cats don’t have babies. Khaled’s life revolves around his animals, and he’s happy when they’re happy, even if it means he has to eat less or spend less money on himself to give them special treats.

Khaled doesn’t just care for his own pets; he also helps dogs in his neighborhood, giving them treats and speaking up for their rights. He feels happiest when he sees his furry friends wagging their tails and barking happily. In his world, every animal has a name and a personality, like the pregnant cat named “Modi” or the feisty “Father of Anger.”

To Khaled, these animals aren’t just pets; they’re friends who bring him joy and purpose. Even though he faces challenges like not having enough money or a car, he keeps going, knowing that he’s doing something good for animals in need. With support from others and his belief in a higher power guiding him, Khaled continues to make a difference for countless animals, one kind act at a time.

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