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Crackdown on Fake Certificates: 49 Cases in 5 Years

The Service Bureau is now closely examining academic and professional certificates obtained by citizens and residents after January 1, 2000. This action follows the fourth annual report of the Anti-Corruption Authority ‘Nazaha,’ which noted a decline in forged certificates due to anti-counterfeiting measures.

“The latest report highlights a decline in forgery cases in university and professional certificates due to anti-counterfeiting measures. However, there’s been an increase in forged certificates monitored by the Ministry of Education, with four cases in 2023 compared to two in 2022. The Civil Service Commission has requested comprehensive data on employees’ higher educational certificates. This follows directives from government officials based on a report evaluating the Ministry of Higher Education’s work. The Service Bureau aims to compile a list of employees with qualifications obtained since 2000 and has requested academic qualification copies from government agencies. A committee formed by the Council of Ministers is reviewing certificates, and proposals to amend laws have been made to prevent non-equivalent certificates in government employment, underscoring the importance of maintaining academic qualification integrity in the public sector.”

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