Customs confiscate 2 containers filled with tobacco at Shuwaikh Port

In a significant interception, customs officers at Shuwaikh Port successfully prevented the entry of around two and a half million bags of tobacco into the country. The General Administration of Customs disclosed in a statement that the Customs Inspection and Warehouse Department executed a meticulous operation resulting in the seizure of two 40-foot containers originating from a Gulf country, supposedly carrying a consignment of blankets.

Upon thorough inspection, authorities found 672 cartons concealed within the first container. Each carton contained 20 burlap fabrics, with one of them secretly holding 25 packets, each weighing 50 grams. The examination of the second container revealed 366 bags, each containing 100 packets, and each packet containing 60 bags. The weight of each bag amounted to 2.3 grams, resulting in a total seizure of 5,050,800 tons of tobacco, approximately equivalent to two and a half million tobacco seeds. Subsequently, necessary customs procedures were promptly implemented to address the attempted smuggling of the contraband.

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