Bank employee sentenced to prison for stealing 100,000 dinars from expat

The Court of Appeal, led by Counselor Nasr Salem Al-Heid, has issued a verdict sentencing a bank employee to five years in prison for unlawfully taking 100,000 dinars from an expatriate’s account.

The defendant was charged by the Public Prosecution with falsifying bank documents, including account statements and transaction records, to issue a check worth 100,000 dinars. Using false promises of investment in a deposit scheme, the defendant deceived the victim, an Iranian national with limited Arabic proficiency, into investing in a deposit promising monthly profits. The victim, unaware of the scheme, signed documents, including a check payable to the defendant for the stated amount. Investigations, supported by surveillance footage, witness testimonies, and the victim’s statements, confirmed the accusations. Following a trial at the Criminal Court, the defendant was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison.

Upon appeal, the Court of Appeal upheld the initial verdict after reviewing the defense’s arguments and confirming the validity of the accusations. The ruling remains final.

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