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Data Regarding the Labor Market in Kuwait

According to Al-Qabas daily, government institution statistics offer a thorough picture of Kuwait’s labor force, encompassing both the public and private sectors and highlighting significant developments in the distribution of employment. With around 154,000 employees, the education sector stands out as a major employer in the government, making up about one-third of the total workforce of about 471,000 employees.

The public administration and defense industry follows closely behind, employing over 172.3,000 people, or roughly 36.5% of the workforce overall. According to the division of labor in the education industry, 128,000 Kuwaitis and 22.7,000 foreign workers are employed together. In the meantime, the health and social work industry employs roughly 41,000 people, or 8.7% of all government jobs. Of these, 26.7 thousand are non-Kuwaitis and 14,000 are Kuwaitis.

Regarding the private sector, which employs about 1.6 million people, the lodging and food industries come out on top with 639,000 workers, or 39.1% of the entire private sector employment. With 225,000 employees, the construction industry trails closely behind and accounts for roughly 13.85% of the workforce in the private sector. Manufacturing sectors employ over 163,000 people, ranking third, while administrative and support services employ roughly 131,000 people.

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