“Drifters” on Wafra Road are Giving the Cops a Hard time

The drivers who congregated on Wafra-Jawakhir Road, drove recklessly, threw stones at patrol cars, and other offenses have been investigated in an effort to identify and apprehend them. Security sources claim that patrol officers were sent to the scene of the reckless driving and stunt on Wafra Road as soon as the Ministry of Interior’s Operations Room received information about it.

The careless drivers threw stones at the patrol teams as soon as they arrived, breaking one of the patrol cars’ windshields. Although the driver of one of the vehicles was able to flee, officers were nevertheless able to detain it. Along with the drivers of the other two cars that were able to escape the scene, a search has been conducted to locate him. To prepare for the driver’s arrest, the impounded car has been referred to the police station. A case was opened.


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