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Electricity consumption rises as temperatures steadily increase

As temperatures rise to 30 degrees Celsius, the demand for electricity in the country has started to increase steadily, reaching 8,380 megawatts at one o’clock on Saturday afternoon, according to reports from Al-Jarida daily. However, Engineer Maha Al-Asousi, the acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, reassured the public that there is no energy crisis despite the surge in electricity demand during the holy month of Ramadan. She urged citizens and residents to conserve energy, especially during peak consumption hours.

The Ministry attributes the rise in electricity demand during the summer season to the widespread use of air conditioning units. While the situation is currently stable, sources in the electricity sector anticipate potential crises in the coming years due to increased demand from urban expansions and previous disruptions in energy projects. These shortages are expected to vary annually. Last year, the electricity demand nearly reached 17 thousand megawatts, leading to localized power outages across the country due to malfunctions in some stations. Efforts to manage energy consumption and address infrastructure challenges remain crucial to ensure a stable electricity supply amidst rising demand.

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