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Every Employee of the Ministry of Information Taking part in the National Days Festivities

The Ministry of Information’s employees and cadres are entirely focused on carrying out the ministry’s programs commemorating the 33rd Liberation Day and the 63rd Anniversary of the State of Kuwait’s National Day, “Kuwait Glory and Pride.” According to a statement released on Saturday by Saad Al-Azmi, the assistant undersecretary for media services and new media at the Ministry of Information, the plan consists of integrated programs meant to involve all Kuwaiti citizens and residents in the country as well as in celebrating these national days in the beloved homeland.

According to Al-Azmi, who is also the head of public relations, media, and marketing at the permanent committee of the national celebrations, the celebrations and activities will have a distinct agenda that will involve a variety of public and private sectors, bodies, and public welfare societies. The objective of these activities is to enhance patriotism and raise awareness of the significance of the occasion.

The minister added that the ministry will hold a “open day” for the families of diplomats at the heritage village, “yom al-bahar,” where they will closely get acquainted with “our history, our sea and land heritages,” looking at tools and items of Kuwaiti handicrafts and old professions. The campaign, “Celebrate with responsibility,” will be launched by the ministry during the celebrations to promote values of national unity and belonging to the homeland, he told reporters.

Additionally, the Avenues Mall will host a digital exhibition called “the path of memories,” which will feature old radio and television shows that illuminate Kuwait’s history from the 1970s to the present. – KUN

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