Expat wrongly accused of three serious violations

An unidentified expatriate has lodged a complaint at the Mubarak Al-Kabeer police station, alleging that a Kuwaiti individual falsely accused him of three serious violations, as reported by Al-Anba daily. According to the complainant, the Kuwaiti had requested his driver’s license under the pretense of renting a vehicle from a specialized company.

The man explained that the Kuwaiti claimed he was unable to rent a vehicle using his own license due to certain obstacles. The expatriate was taken aback when he later received notifications indicating three serious violations associated with the rented vehicle. Upon investigation with the General Traffic Department, it was revealed that the vehicle rented under the complainant’s name had been handed over to a juvenile who lacked a driver’s license and was subsequently apprehended for reckless driving. The complainant affirmed that he had no acquaintance with the juvenile who misused the vehicle. Additionally, a case was registered under the title ‘Handing a vehicle to a person who does not have a driving license.

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