Kuwaiti doctors permitted to work in the private sector under certain conditions

In a recent update, the Ministry of Health in Kuwait has issued a decree allowing specialist doctors and higher-ranking medical professionals working within the government medical sector to provide services at private clinics or facilities outside of official working hours. However, this permission comes with specific conditions and regulations, as emphasized by the Ministry. According to the directive, eligible doctors must not hold any leadership, presidential, or supervisory positions that conflict with simultaneous employment in both the government and private medical sectors during non-official working hours. Notably, these restricted positions include those of excellent grade, undersecretary of the ministry, assistant undersecretary, directors of departments, health districts, hospitals, specialized medical centers, medical bodies, and related supervisory roles in the private medical sector.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nouf Al-Kandari, a senior specialist in biochemistry and metabolic medicine at Jaber Hospital, shared insights on medical procedures during Ramadan. Dr. Al-Kandari stressed the importance of conducting certain tests, such as blood sample collections, during daylight hours despite fasting. She noted that certain tests require fasting for 10 to 12 hours beforehand, including examinations related to blood lipid and glucose levels. Dr. Al-Kandari advised individuals to closely monitor their well-being, informing medical staff of any feelings of weakness or fatigue before and after sample collection. She also emphasized the importance of seeking immediate assistance from the medical team in case of dizziness or other adverse reactions after sample collection.

The Ministry’s decision to allow government doctors to extend their services to private clinics aims to improve access to medical care while ensuring compliance with regulations to maintain healthcare standards across sectors.

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