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Family Visas now Last One Month in Kuwait, Whereas Tourist Visas Last Three Months

Following the ministry’s announcement that it would resume issuing family, commercial, and tourist visitation visas under new conditions on the orders of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of Interior, Sheikh Fahad Al-Yousef, the Residency Affairs departments in all six governorates saw a surge of foreign nationals attempting to apply.

These requirements state that in order to apply for a visa for parents, a wife, and children, the applicant’s monthly earnings must be at least KD 400; for relatives, it must be at least KD 800.

2. It is important to keep to the visit’s designated timeframe.
3. National carriers need the booking of a round-trip ticket.

4. There will be no acceptance of requests to change the visitation visas into residency permits.

When Al-Seyassah visited several offices related to residence affairs on Wednesday morning, he found that Jahra Governorate had less applications than Farwaniya and Hawally Governorates.

Numerous foreigners were seen by the Hawally Residence Affairs Department; some of them arrived without an appointment and were turned away. Every department receives approximately 150 daily visitors to the “Mata” app.

There were also a lot of expatriates in the Farwaniya Governorate, but those without an appointment were sent back. They were requested to go to the Mata application, as submitting an application through the application calls for printing the form, adding the necessary paperwork, and sending it in to the department.

Security sources report that yesterday morning, about 900 transactions were received by the Residence Affairs departments across all agencies. The applicant’s data is retrieved and examined to make sure it complies with the requirements.

The Farwaniya Governorate was home to many expatriates as well, however those without an appointment were turned back. They were asked to visit the Mata application since completing an application via the application requires printing the form, including the required documentation, and mailing it to the department.

According to security sources, the Residence Affairs departments across all agencies received roughly 900 transactions yesterday morning. The data submitted by the application is retrieved and reviewed to ensure it meets the standards.

It is important to note that the requirements for submitting an application for a visit visa were previously disclosed by the Ministry of Interior in a news release. They’re as follows:

1. To apply for a visitation visa for the remaining relatives, the applicant’s wage must be at least KD 800 and cannot be less than KD 400 for first-degree relatives (wife, kids, and parents).
2. You must present a round-trip ticket issued by the national airline (the national carrier) and sign a written commitment promising not to apply for the conversion of your visit visa into a permanent residence permit in the nation.

3. The visitors have to respect the visitation visa’s time limit.

4. Visitors who breach the terms of their stay will not be allowed to obtain medical care in government institutions; instead, they will only receive care in hospitals and private health facilities. In certain situations, the Directorate General of Residency Affairs Investigations will add the guest and the sponsor to the security control system. The Directorate General of Residency Affairs Investigations will investigate the violator and pursue legal action against him in accordance with the processes in place for violators of the foreigners’ residency legislation.
5. Kuwaiti enterprises or institutions may request the issuance of a commercial entrance visa, which will be given to individuals with university or technical qualifications in a way that is appropriate for the company’s operation and the nature of is work.

6. Upon arrival in the country, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and citizens of 53 other countries will be eligible to apply for an electronic visa through the Ministry of Interior’s website, www.moi.gov.kw, or immediately from the port of entry.
7. Those whose professions are listed in Ministerial Resolution No. 2030/2008 and its amendments, as well as those who meet the controls and requirements outlined in that ministerial resolution, will be granted tourist visas. This will happen through hotels and businesses that have an automated interface with the Directorate General of Residence Affairs system in compliance with the relevant requirements for that purpose.

In a statement, the Ministry of Interior confirmed that the most recent decision was made with the intention of promoting trade, the economy, and tourism in the nation while also considering social considerations, particularly the family visitation visa that is granted to residents’ spouses, parents, and children.

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