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Forecast: Sporadic Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms

A weather bulletin warning of intermittent, moderate to heavy rainfall across Kuwait was sent by the Meteorological Department. Some regions might see thunderstorms with gusts as high as fifty kilometers per hour, which would cause vision problems and waves up to seven feet high along the shore. The 15-hour warning will end at nine o’clock in the evening.

Up until Monday morning, there is still a chance of light to moderate rain, according to meteorologist Fahd Al-Otaibi. He predicts that there might be sporadic thunderstorms in some regions during the evening, which would result in fog and decreased visibility. Additionally, Al-Otaibi clarified that Kuwait is anticipated to see a more strong rainy fall beginning Wednesday evening, citing weather maps and forecast models as sources of information. According to his forecast, this next round of rain is expected to last until Friday afternoon.

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