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Foreign Accountant Embezzles Funds from Employer

An expat has been reported to the Public Prosecution by the Criminal Security Sector for allegedly stealing 56,000 dinars from his company by authorizing checks for purchases and then depositing the checks into his account. Al-Anba newspaper states that the expatriate moved substantial amounts of money from his account to his home country, as discovered by tracking his bank transactions.

A security source claims that data obtained by the Criminal Investigation Department demonstrates that a foreign national employed as an accountant for an educational organization falsified a purchase invoice before moving the checks’ proceeds to his bank account. The source further stated that when more research was done, it was determined that the foreign national had committed theft and betrayed trust. As a result, the prosecution gave authorization for the accused to be taken into custody. He acknowledged to investigators that he had been turning in purchase orders for the previous few years, signing the checks, and then returning the funds to his account.

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