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Court Prolongs 16 People’s Incarceration on Drug Trafficking Charges

The judge overseeing the detention renewal has decided to grant a further two weeks of detention to six Kuwaiti nationals, three Egyptians, two Saudis, and five Bidouns. Following accusations of their supposed involvement in drug trafficking, this decision was made.

Accused of “drug trafficking,” the detainees will stay in detention while the case is being handled by the courts. Additionally, Bidoun, who was accused of possessing drugs, was granted parole by the detention renewal judge. This release, though, is subject to the conditions of paying 100 dinars’ worth of bail and abiding by a travel prohibition.

The ruling is indicative of the legal system’s continued efforts to handle drug-related cases. Authorities continue to protect the rule of law and make sure that justice is done as the legal process progresses.

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