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Fulfill Seven Requirements before Goods Imports are Prohibited

According to Al-Anba daily, Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Al-Joaan issued Ministerial Resolution number 32/2024, outlining seven requirements that must be satisfied before outlawing the import, display, or sale of goods; however, some or all of the requirements may be waived in situations where an outright ban on goods is necessary. In the public interest or in compliance with personal safety regulations, the resolution permits the Undersecretary to perform the legally mandated tasks of the Minister regarding the prohibition of the import, display, and sale of goods and dangerous materials.

It specifies that the following requirements must be satisfied before a decision to prohibit the import, display, or sale of products is made: presented to the minister prior to signing and issuing; based on a decision and formal letter from the relevant authority; based on the goals outlined in the applicable law; accurately describes the commodity to be banned in terms of trade name and international code; provides justification for the ban; clarifies whether the prohibition covers the import, display, or sale of the commodity in question in its entirety or just some of it; and specifies a suitable grace period prior to the ban’s implementation based on the nature of the prohibited good.

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