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Gulf Bank cautions against fraudulent donation links during Ramadan

Gulf Bank is dedicated to its social responsibilities, placing a high priority on safeguarding and educating customers and the community. Through active participation in the ‘Diraya’ campaign, it consistently raises awareness among customers and banking users about the risks of electronic crimes targeting their personal information and bank accounts. Abdulmohsen Al-Nassar, Corporate Communications Officer at Gulf Bank, stressed the importance of customers verifying the legitimacy of links soliciting donations for charitable organizations.

He cautioned against the rise in fake links, particularly prevalent during Ramadan, capitalizing on individuals’ charitable intentions. Al-Nassar highlighted that scammers mimic electronic payment websites resembling those used by customers, underscoring the need for customers to authenticate payment sites and verify the source of payment links.

Customers were advised to exercise caution when dealing with emails, texts, and calls from unknown sources impersonating bank employees. Al-Nassar stressed refraining from interacting with such messages or calls and ensuring the security of account information to prevent theft. He reiterated that banks never solicit personal information via email, texts, or calls, urging customers not to respond to fraudulent attempts to obtain banking details.

Al-Nassar cautioned that clicking on such links could expose confidential banking information. He recommended the following actions for bank customers:
– Avoid saving confidential information like card numbers or PINs on mobile phones.
– Refrain from writing the PIN on credit cards and sharing OTP numbers.
– Log out of the bank’s mobile app or website after transactions.
– Keep antivirus software and files updated.
– Type URLs directly into browsers instead of clicking links in emails.
– Exercise caution when opening email attachments and links.
– Download software from reputable sources.
– Keep all systems updated with the latest security patches.

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