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Illnesses on the Rise: Jahra’s 12 Skin Clinics Struggle to see 80,000 Patients a Year

Dr. Muhammad Al-Otaibi, the head of the dermatology department at Jahra Hospital, stated that the department sees over 80,000 patients a year through its 12 specialized clinics. These consist of two alopecia and hair clinics, a hyperhidrosis clinic, a contact dermatitis clinic, two surgical clinics for the excision of some benign skin tumors and diagnostic skin biopsies, and three clinics in the laser treatment center for patients with psoriasis. In a unique press release released yesterday, Dr. Al-Otaibi detailed how the three clinics that make up the laser therapy unit are equipped with a variety of cutting-edge machinery, including excimer, vascular, and skin pigmentation removal lasers.

In addition, the department carries out a wide range of therapeutic operations, such as therapeutic skin injections, skin scraping, and hot and cold cauterization. He remarked.

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