Draft Changes to the Foreigners Residency Law Are Examined Closely by Committee

Representatives from the Ministry of Interior spoke with the Interior and Defense Affairs Committee on Thursday to discuss the government’s bill to change the Foreigners Residency Law.

The State Audit Bureau’s (SAB) reports on the money Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) invested from 2018 to 2023 were reviewed by the Public Funds Protection Committee. At the conference were representatives from KOC, SAB, and the Ministry of Oil.

The committee also addressed its duty to look into the matters brought up in the questioning motion that MP Dawoud Maarefifiled against Amani Bugamaz, the former minister of public works. Attending the meeting were the chairman, the board of directors, the secretary of the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART), and officials from SAB.

The Committee on Small Businesses and Business Environment Improvement convened.

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