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In Jahra, a Bedoun Man Shoots Two Kuwaitis

After shooting two Kuwaiti nationals in the waha of their Waha home in Jahra, a Bedoun left the scene and later turned himself in at the police station. Security personnel and paramedics reportedly raced to the scene as soon as the Ministry of Interior’s Operations Room learned about the event, according to security sources.

They found out that the suspect, Bedoun, had gone to his friend’s diwaniya in Waha, Jahra, shot his brother in the back and him in the leg, and then had left the area. Jahra Hospital was recommended as the treatment facility for the two victims. The 26-year-old Bedoun guy admitted that he opened fire because he and his companion were at odds when he turned himself in at the police station with the gun he had used to shoot the victims. The sources confirmed that a lawsuit has been filed and that the injured victims are still receiving care in the hospital.

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