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The Health Minister Unveils 79 Advanced Ambulances for Immediate Medical Attention

Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi, the Health Minister, celebrated a big achievement on Wednesday by launching a brand-new ambulance fleet at the Ministry’s Transportation Division. The fleet consists of 79 fully equipped cars that are all intensive care units. There are also 10 ambulances that are meant to handle rough terrain.

During the inauguration event, Minister Al-Awadhi gave a speech expressing his happiness with the ambulances’ deployment and highlighting how important it is for them to support the emergency response system so that patients can be served efficiently. He emphasized that in order to guarantee the safe and effective functioning of these vehicles, the assigned crews had received specialized training.

Dr. Al-Awadhi declared that another 100 ambulances would be added later this year, stressing the fact that these are the most cutting-edge, contemporary cars with the newest electronic networking technology. This program demonstrates Kuwait’s dedication to updating its healthcare system to accommodate the changing demands of its people.

Ibrahim Al-Naham, the Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Engineering Affairs, emphasized the joint efforts of the Transport and Medical Emergency Departments in acquiring and deploying the ambulances. Al-Naham stressed that the cars are imported from the US and meet the strictest requirements for dependability and performance.

The Medical Emergency Department’s director, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shatti, called the inauguration a historic turning point in the department’s history. These ambulances have brought Kuwait’s fleet up to 281 total automobiles. Al-Shatti underlined the department’s dedication to meeting its goal of having an average arrival time of seven minutes after notice.

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