In Kuwait, Biometric Fingerprinting is still being used for Citizens, Residents, and GCC Nationals

The Ministry of Interior has announced that it will continue to offer biometric fingerprinting to citizens, residents, and those from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. This action will be put into effect at Kuwait International Airport, all border crossings, and other locations as determined by the government.

The General Administration of Security Relations and Media has made it clear that upon entering designated locations and commercial complexes, citizens, nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and residents may be subjected to biometric fingerprinting. Among these places are:

The Hawalli Governorate’s Hawalli Security Directorate
The Farwaniya Governorate’s Farwaniya Security Directorate
Al-Ahmadi Governorate’s Al-Ahmadi Security Directorate

Al-Jahra Security Directorate in Al-Jahra Governorate (exclusively for residents and GCC nationals) Mubarak Al-Kabeer Security Directorate in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate
Department of Personality Investigation
Business fingerprinting in the vicinity of Ali Sabah Al-Salem
Businesses in the Jahra region that use fingerprints for personal identification (for inhabitants)
The Avenues Mall Al Kout Mall 360 Mall
The Mall at Capital
The Complex of Ministries
The Ministry stressed that although visitors leaving Kuwait are exempt from fingerprinting requirements, they would be obliged to submit to the process when they return. Notably, as part of the increased security procedures, Kuwait International Airport registered 26,238 arrivals in January 2024 who undertook the biometric fingerprinting process.

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