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Over 3,300 Traffic Infractions were the Result of MoI’s Targeted Efforts Last Thursday

On Thursday, February 1, 2024, the General Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait carried out a number of focused programs in an effort to reduce traffic infractions and guarantee road safety. A startling “3,309” different traffic infractions were issued as a result of the extensive operations, indicating the authorities’ dedication to upholding law and order on the highways.

The department takes traffic crimes very seriously, as seen by the nine people who were submitted to the Juvenile Prosecution and the one who was sent to the Traffic Police during the day. These actions also resulted in the arrest of two wanted individuals, demonstrating the efforts’ efficacy.

Six automobiles were seized as a result of the more intense campaigns, and they were all immediately impounded, adding even more punishment for violators of traffic laws. 42 nuisance noise infractions were also noted, demonstrating the department’s commitment to addressing a range of road safety issues.

In addition, 107 radar infractions were issued, 16 wanted vehicles were seized, and a person in violation of residency restrictions was arrested as a result of the operations. In addition, four people were detained for not having the required paperwork.

The General Traffic Department underlined that it will continue to carry out strict campaigns and that it will not tolerate any laxity in the application of traffic regulations. In order to guarantee the safety of all drivers, authorities emphasized how crucial it is to follow these rules. The department is unwavering in its resolve to enforce the law on Kuwaiti roadways as it keeps working toward this goal.

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