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In Three Weeks, 500 Foreign Nationals were Detained for Residency Infractions

In Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Farwaniya, and Fahaheel, the General Administration of Residence Affairs Investigations carried out extensive morning and evening inspection campaigns with the assistance of the Joint Tripartite Committee, the Department of Control and Coordination, and the Department of Violators Follow-up. As a result of the operations conducted the day before yesterday, 120 people of different nationalities were taken into custody for violating the Labor Law and Residency laws.

In the course of the focused examinations, the authorities discovered a covert enterprise masquerading as a domestic help service that employed three of the violators as day laborers. The people who have been arrested have been reported to the appropriate authorities for additional inquiry and legal action.

Part of continuous security efforts to reduce residency violations in the nation is this most recent sweep. Over 390 residency violators have been successfully detained by the Ministry of Interior since the beginning of January, bringing the total number of expats apprehended to over 500 in just three weeks, according to an informed source.

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