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Shuwaikh Industrial Area Breaches are taken Seriously by Kuwait Municipality

During a series of field visits, the municipality’s Public Cleanliness and Road Works Department supervisory team removed 14 abandoned cars and issued 13 fines in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area. The infractions included problems with street vending, public sanitation, and space exploitation.

The main goal of these extensive field trips, according to Saad Al-Kharing, Director of the Kuwait Municipality Branch’s Public Cleanliness and Road Occupations Department, is to find and quickly correct infractions. Al-Kharing declared that the oversight group is dedicated to pursuing all appropriate legal actions against those who violate the law. He emphasized the group’s commitment to raising the standard of cleanliness in the regions it oversees.

The Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department confirmed that the field teams of the hygiene departments will continue to strive to carry out intensive campaigns. These efforts are aimed at monitoring and correcting infractions pertaining to road occupancy and cleanliness standards in all governorates. Kuwait Municipality continues to place a high premium on upholding a tidy and orderly environment.

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