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KU Will Start Housing in Sabah Al-Salem City

Kuwait University announced that, on Monday, January 22, 2024, at its headquarters in Sabah Al-Salem University City, the Committee for the Recept of Contracting and Construction Works (Major Projects) at Sabah Al-Salem University City approved the partial primary receipt (No. 4) of the student housing buildings, female students’ housing buildings, and the hospitality club building plots (601,602,225), taking into account the committee members’ observations.

The committee approved the partial initial receipt of the facilities mentioned in the work package, according to committee chairman and acting secretary general of the university, Dr. Fayez Al-Dhafiri. The academic unit at Sabah Al-Salem University City, the model school, the hospitality club, and the supporting buildings were all included in the package. The committee went on to a field visit to check and confirm the projects’ readiness after examining the technical reports that the Construction and Maintenance Department had produced upon first receiving those works.

Dr. Al-Dhafiri emphasized that the hospitality club buildings’ completion is in line with the university’s philosophy and belief in the value of work-life balance, specifically in terms of promoting a balance between job obligations and increasing leisure time for staff members. “It helps foster an environment that is creative at work. He continued, “The student housing projects validate Kuwait University’s standing as an establishment dedicated to the mission of disseminating science and transferring knowledge.

The student housing buildings (plot 601) include thirty-four residential rooms, fifty-six living rooms, tennis, basketball, and football courts, a diwaniya, lecture halls, multipurpose halls, restaurants, central kitchens, men’s chapels, bodybuilding halls, main stores for a variety of materials, eight laundry rooms, four guard rooms, eight supervisors’ rooms, administrative offices, a main computer room, and reception and waiting areas. The total area of these buildings is 39,847 square meters.

Plot 602 consisting of 222 residential rooms, 42 living rooms, a theater, a lecture hall, a multipurpose hall, a restaurant, a central kitchen, a women’s chapel, a bodybuilding hall, administrative offices, a main computer room, (6) laundry rooms, (3) guard rooms, (6) supervisors rooms, and reception and waiting areas, is the total area of the female dormitory buildings.

The 15,266 square meter Hospitality Club Building (Plot 225) houses an Olympic-sized pool, a kid-sized pool, four tennis courts, a basketball court, an indoor games hall, a children’s play area, two diwaniyas for men and women, a theater, two lecture halls, a multipurpose hall, a restaurant and kitchen, two men’s and women’s prayer rooms, two gymnasiums, steam rooms, saunas, and jacuzzis, primary stores for various materials, administrative offices, a main computer room, and reception and waiting areas are all included in the sprawling building.

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