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Kuwait experiences high voter participation

Amidst a significant turnout indicating strong and enthusiastic participation, hundreds of voters, both male and female, rushed to polling stations as they opened across various areas in the First Constituency, notably in Rumaithiya and Salwa. Dozens of voters in their vehicles were seen waiting outside schools even before doors opened, particularly the elderly. According to official data, by 2:00 pm, 4,845 voters, comprising both genders, had cast their ballots in the First Constituency, amounting to approximately five percent of the total registered voters. At Daiya Joint School for Girls in the same constituency, 330 voters had cast their votes by 2:00 pm.

The First Constituency, as per the Ministry of Interior’s latest list, consists of 104,038 male and female voters, distributed across 93 committees in 16 schools. Forty-one candidates are competing for ten seats, with some aiming to challenge the dominance of certain parliamentary seats. Judge Muhammad Al-Sanea noted that Muhammad Al-Shayji School Center for Girls in Rumaithiya had witnessed 150 female voters out of 1,458 by 2:30 pm, representing approximately ten percent.

Candidates and officials expressed optimism about the voter turnout, with expectations of increasing numbers as the day progresses. Security and administrative arrangements were praised for ensuring a smooth voting process, with voters displaying awareness of regulations to prevent delays or violations. Candidates emphasized the importance of citizen participation in shaping the nation’s future and holding representatives accountable.

In the Fourth Constituency, voters showed up in large numbers despite fasting, with efficient management ensuring minimal congestion. Elderly and special needs individuals were given priority, and polling proceeded seamlessly. High voter turnout was observed across various polling stations, indicating a strong commitment to democratic participation.

Officials commended the preparedness of concerned institutions, including the ministries of Interior and Health, with Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Fahad Yusuf Al-Sabah and Kuwait Municipality Director Eng Saud Al-Dabbous overseeing operations. Voting is expected to continue until midnight, with results anticipated by Friday morning. Senior citizens have been particularly active in exercising their voting rights since the start of the elections, aided by facilities such as wheelchairs and assistance from election committees.

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