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Kuwait cancels citizenship of 2 people due to fraud accusations

In a recent development, the Council of Ministers has decided to strip the Kuwaiti citizenship of two individuals, along with those who obtained citizenship through dependency. This step, made under Article (21 bis A) of the Nationality Law Decree and its amendments, demonstrates a strong stance against fraudulent citizenship acquisition.

Article (21 bis A) allows for the withdrawal of Kuwaiti citizenship if it’s found to have been obtained unlawfully through deception or false documentation. The Council of Ministers, upon the Interior Minister’s recommendation, has the authority to revoke citizenship. This also applies to dependents of the original certificate holder.

This move underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring citizenship is acquired through lawful means only and deters any attempts to exploit the system.

Revoking citizenship has significant implications, altering the legal status and rights of the individuals affected. It emphasizes that citizenship is a privilege granted to those meeting legal criteria and highlights citizens’ responsibility to uphold the law.

This action reaffirms the government’s dedication to protecting Kuwaiti citizenship’s integrity, sending a clear message against any attempts to break the law.

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