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Kuwait Forbids the Sale of Foam Cans and Water Cannons

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has implemented a regulation that forbids the sale of water cannons, little water-filled balloons, and foam cans during the national holiday season as part of the celebrations on Arabian Gulf Street. This decision, which will go into effect on February 20 of this year and end on March 31 of the next year, is intended to protect the public welfare.

Among the forbidden goods are:
All kinds of water cannons
little balloons filled with water
Cans of foam
Fireworks, pyrotechnic air balloons, firearms, replica pistols, bladed weapons, and self-defense items including swords, daggers, spears, and dart pins are examples of hazardous materials.
Attaching equipment with sharpened or pointy ends to sticks
sticks with sharp, pointy tips
Non-medical or electric shock devices
Knives with partial or double edges
Knives for hunting
Radioactive, radiation, and knuckleduster equipment.

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