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Kuwait improves health supervision for expatriates through updated procedures

In a recent update, Minister of Health Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi has approved a ministerial decision to regulate the health assessment of newly arrived residency applicants in Kuwait, particularly regarding hepatitis C.

According to the decision, applicants will be deemed medically unfit if their hepatitis C laboratory examination results show an “indeterminate” outcome. The use of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is prohibited in such cases, with relevant regulations applied accordingly.

This directive specifically applies to expatriate residents who receive two unspecified results from hepatitis C antibody tests, conducted at least four weeks apart. In such cases, individuals are allowed to undergo a PCR test. A positive PCR test result renders the applicant unfit for health, leading to the application of relevant regulations. Conversely, a negative PCR test result allows for the renewal of the applicant’s residency for one year. After this period, the PCR test is repeated. If the subsequent test also returns a negative result, the individual is considered fit for health.

This decision is in line with a broader framework established by the Council of Ministers, which outlines procedures for managing positive or negative cases while incorporating health oversight for unspecified scenarios.

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