MEW proudly employs a Kuwaiti workforce of 97%, totaling 34,417 employees

According to recent statistics from the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, 97% of the workforce in February were Kuwaiti nationals, while the remaining 3% were expatriates. The total number of employees in the ministry was reported at 34,417, as per Al-Jarida daily.

In terms of electricity exchange operations, Kuwait exported 13,651 megawatts/hour to the Gulf network and received 11,726 megawatts/hour through the interconnection network in February. This resulted in a net benefit of 1,925 megawatts/hour for Kuwait’s electrical network.

The exchange rates between Kuwait’s electrical network and the Gulf network remained stable compared to January, attributed to lower temperatures and annual maintenance works conducted by the Ministry during the winter season.

Energy exchange rates stayed consistent throughout the month, with minor differences observed on some days, typically around 200 megawatts, between the two networks. Efforts are underway to increase the exchange capacity between Kuwait and the Gulf network through Gulf interconnection projects, aiming to raise the capacity to approximately 1,000 megawatts.

The Ministry prioritizes reintroducing electrical power production units, undergoing maintenance during winter, before the summer season to support local energy consumption and ensure reliable electricity supply during peak demand periods.

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