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Kuwait Reintroduces Visit Visas for Travelers and Families Abroad

The Ministry of Interior has made the decision to recommence issuing visitation visas for business, family, and tourism purposes on Wednesday, subject to new requirements.

The ministry said in a press release that this is in line with the directives of Sheikh Fahd Yusuf Al-Sabah, the acting interior minister, minister of defense, and deputy prime minister. It also reflects the ministry’s goal to promote tourism, business, and economic growth in the nation while also taking social factors into consideration.

The ministry further stated that those seeking visas should schedule an appointment using the Matta platform, as they would be handled by the residence affairs offices in the various governorates.

The requirements for issuing a visitation visa to a family member are as follows:
Parents, spouses, and kids of foreign workers are eligible for a visa as long as their income is at least KD400 for them and KD800 for other family members.
In order to grant the visa, the following requirements and conditions must be approved:
Give round-trip tickets for travel on airlines connected to the national carrier, or national airlines.
a formal promise not to insist on turning these visits into permanent residency in the nation.
Make a commitment to stay for the entire visit.
Visitor care will be provided at private medical facilities as government hospitals will not accept this type of care.

If the guest stays longer than allowed, the Residence Affairs Investigations General Department will record the visit and the sponsor in the security control system. This way, the department can track down the guest and apply the legal actions taken against those who break the Foreigners Residency Law.

Business Visa
A Kuwaiti company or institution must make a request before it can be issued, and it is given to those with technical or university degrees in a way that is appropriate for the type of work the company does.

Tourist visa

53 nations’ nationals can obtain their visas electronically via the ministry’s website, www.moi.gov.kw, or immediately from the port of entry when they arrive in the nation.
Residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries for whom entry visas for tourism are granted in compliance with the guidelines and regulations outlined in Ministerial Resolution number 2030/2008 and its amendments, and to those whose professions are listed in said Ministerial Resolution.

via lodging establishments and businesses that, in compliance with the relevant rules, have an automated connection to the Residence Affairs General Department’s system.

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