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Kuwait warns not to delay paying wages

The Acting Deputy Director of the Public Authority for Manpower for Workforce Protection, Dr. Fahd Al-Murad, warned businesses in Kuwait about not paying their workers on time. He said this during a celebration for International Labor Day at Avenues Mall. Al-Murad mentioned that not paying wages on time could lead to employers getting in trouble and workers being able to switch jobs. The Authority is working to make sure businesses follow the law, especially when it comes to paying wages. They’re also helping businesses understand the rules better. Aseel Al-Mazyad, from the Authority, talked about how they’re communicating directly with workers and employers to explain labor laws. They’re planning an awareness campaign about not working during the hottest part of the day. Yahya Al-Dosari, representing workers’ unions, wants International Labor Day to be an official holiday in Kuwait. Hussein Al-Tarkait from the Chamber of Commerce praised their cooperation with the Authority in solving labor issues. Ambassador Sheikha Jawaher Al-Sabah highlighted Kuwait’s commitment to respecting workers’ rights, especially since expatriate workers play a big role in Kuwait’s economy.

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