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Kuwaiti People and Foreigners are Living Longer Because of Improved Healthcare and Social Services

The Health Promotion Department, along with the Elderly Committee in the Primary Health Care Department, finished a training course on improving the health of elderly people in Kuwait. The course aimed to enhance the skills of health education graduates working in different locations within the Ministry of Health. Dr. Abeer Al-Bahwah, the Director of the Health Promotion Department, mentioned that there are around 130,524 elderly individuals in Kuwait, with 60 percent being citizens and 40 percent residents, according to 2023 statistics from the Public Authority for Civil Information.

Around the world, there’s been a rise in the number of elderly people aged 65 and above, partly due to better healthcare and social services, as well as lower birth rates. Dr. Al-Bahwa emphasized the significance of educational courses and activities to raise awareness about elderly health issues. The course included talks by specialist doctors on topics like mental health issues, diagnosing and preventing them, and understanding the causes of falls among the elderly.

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